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Welcome to Appleby's Drug Store

Appleby's Drug Store is an independently owned, locally pharmacy located in Mount Union, PA. Serving this community is why we are here. Striving every day to help our patients live full and healthy lives by providing customer service that is unmatched. At Appleby's Pharmacy we have over 50 years of combined experience. Our team really listens to help create your path to wellness. Whether it is answering your medication questions, communicating directly with your physician, or helping you with over the counter products, we are here. We are your community pharmacy.

To better assist our patients in the management and prevention of COVID-19, we have partnered with our sister pharmacy, Chambers' Apothecary, to provide on-site COVID testing. Please click the link below to schedule a test and read the information below regarding the type of rapid test that we offer.

Q: What kind of COVID-19 tests are you offering?

A: This is an antigen test for an active COVID-19 infection that detects specific proteins from the virus. Both the collection (via nasal swab) and the test are performed on site and you will have the results that same day. The test works best for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, within the first 5 days of symptom onset. If you are testing due to exposure to a confirmed COVID positive person, it is recommended to wait 5 days from the exposure to test. Positive results are very accurate (100%), and negative results are accurate as well (88%). A confirmatory PCR (molecular test) may be pursued at your discretion to confirm a negative result. The link below is the patient fact sheet for the test:

CareStart EUA Patient Fact Sheet

Q: What if I need a negative test to return to work or enter the state after travel?

A: To comply with the current state order, we can provide documentation of a negative rapid antigen test. We can also provide documentation for you to take to your employer if a negative test is required. IF YOU NEED A TEST FOR TRAVEL, PLEASE CONFIRM THE TYPE OF TEST REQUIRED WITH YOUR AIRLINE AND/OR DESTINATION. THIS IS NOT A PCR TEST.

Q: How do I schedule a COVID-19 test?

A: Use the scheduler located below to check testing availability and schedule an appointment. Follow the directions as provided to ensure that we can offer testing at a time that is convenient to you.

Q: What do I need to schedule a COVID-19 test online?

A: Our scheduling platform requires a name, phone number, and email address to schedule an appointment online. Our scheduling software is HIPAA compliant and we will not release any of your personal health information. Along with this information, payment is required before finalizing your appointment. In order to provide contactless testing, a basic intake form needs to be completed as well.

Q: How much do COVID-19 tests cost? Can I bill my insurance?

A: Each test costs $99 and payment is required before finalizing your appointment. Our scheduling software accepts credit cards, Paypal, and most HSA cards. At this time we are unable to bill medical insurances, as many insurances don't contract with pharmacies for providing medical services. If you choose to bill your insurance manually we can no longer assist with any incorrectly billed claims.

Q: What if I need help filling out the required information online?

A: Call our store at 814-542-4412 or email our sister store at to discuss alternate ways to schedule appointments and complete necessary paperwork. We will make every effort to accommodate to your specific needs and help schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.